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How to Look After Your Awning so it Lasts

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Whether you have a restaurant awning or shop canopy, awnings provide a pleasant solution to protect you from rain or sunshine in a functional yet stylish fashion all-year round. However, it’s important to upkeep your awning with regular cleaning to ensure that dirt doesn’t build up over time. Simple to maintain yet effective in what they deliver, by following some easy steps it will be back to gleaming in no time.


How Often Should You Clean Your Awning?

As you’ll most likely be using your awning during the summer months when you want to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s recommended that you give your awning a thorough clean at the start and end of the season. During winter, dirt can build up over time which will need cleaning before you roll it out during the warm weather when you want it to look its best. Then before you retract it ahead of autumn, a second clean will prevent any potential damage. When in use during the summer, it’s advised to give it a rinse to remove any droppings or dirt once a month to remove the risk of it getting embedded into the fabric. This maintenance will then make the awning longer-lasting for years to come.


What you Need

Thankfully you don’t need anything out of the ordinary when looking at how to clean awnings. Everyday household items such as a ladder, large bucket, hose, soft-bristled brush, a soft cloth, broom or dustpan and brush, as well as mild soap or mildew remover will do the trick.


Clean Gently and Frequently

If you notice that your awning has unwanted marks or dirt on the fabric then it’s best to get this removed as soon as possible to prevent any long-lasting damage. A gentle clean is an effective way to do this.


Five-Step Awning Cleaning Process

All it takes is five simple and time-effective steps to clean your awning.


  • Use a brush with soft bristles to get rid of any dirt that has built up over time. If the dirt is coarse or stubborn, wet the awning fabric to make it easier to remove.
  • Rinse off any debris or dirt with water from a garden hose or bucket.
  • If you have smaller streaks of dirt, a rubber eraser is a great tool to use.
  • When cleaning your awning, use a mild cleaning solution mixed with water and a soft sponge. But make sure that you thoroughly rinse off the solution.
  • Keep your awning extended out fully whilst drying to stop any mould or algae growing before retracting back to its closed position. Apply a waterproof spray to ensure that the waterproof layer protects to a high standard.


Don’t Forget the Underside

This step can easily be forgotten, but it’s key that you give the underside of the awning a good clean just as you would the fabric. This is to stop the build-up of mould and mildew by rinsing the metal frame.


Can Awnings be Jet Washed?

Whilst it might seem like a quicker and more effective option when looking at ways how to maintain an awning, it’s not recommended. As pressure washers are highly pressurised, their forceful spray can damage the fabric. Although awnings are sturdy and weatherproof all year round, this can cause unnecessary wear and tear.


Check with the Manufacturer

Depending on which product you have invested in will determine how best to maintain your awning as manufacturers will differ from one to the other. This could include elements such as a different type of fabric or recommended products to use.


Looking After Your Awning Through the Seasons

Once you have cleaned the awning after summer it’s important that it’s covered tightly to stop any leaves or debris getting onto it. Ensure that the material isn’t damp when you roll it up for autumn and winter to prevent any unwanted growth and remove any patches of dirt as soon as you spot them so that this doesn’t leave a mark or make it more difficult for you in the future. Once you have mastered how to clean an awning it’ll be in perfect condition for when you need it most.


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