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Pros of Investing in a Retractable Roof

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When looking to transform your outdoor space into an area of elegance and versatility, retractable roofs provide many benefits. Whether it’s needed for the home, hospitality, retail or education, they come in a range of styles, sizes and designs to compliment your space depending on your specifications and budget.


Why Should You Invest in a Retractable Roof?

Although the initial investment may seem steep, there are many reasons why retractable roofs are a great addition to your building. Not only are they long-lasting and durable, they allow you to adapt to changing weather conditions – something we’re certainly used to in the UK. They also provide an opportunity to extend your space, protect fittings and furniture and increase the overall value of your business or property. By extending your outdoor space to a tranquil place where you can stay dry all throughout the year, this opens up a plethora of ways to utilise the space for activities, events and casual dining.


What is a Retractable Roof System?

A retractable roof is a flexible system that can be opened and closed seamlessly along rails or tracks, when required, to suit your needs and the outdoor conditions. Made typically from fabric, metal or glass, they protect guests and visitors from rain or sun, whilst allowing better ventilation, energy efficiency and reducing the need for artificial lighting or air conditioning systems. They can also be operated manually or with an automatic system.

Outdoor table and chairs protected by retractable roof

So What are the Benefits?

It’s no surprise that retractable roofs deliver a number of advantages for any home, hospitality area, or business. They can be adapted to suit your design and requirements and elevate your space to another dimension.


Customisation and Adaptability

Thanks to the versatility of materials retractable roofs are made from, they can be designed to suit your surroundings. From contemporary offerings made with metal and glass, to more traditional styles with wood or fabric, they can be customised not only in look but in size too. Professional fitters will be able to measure your exact area to ensure that it fits perfectly in the space you want to enhance.


Durability to the Outdoor Elements

As retractable roofs are manufactured using high-quality materials such as powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel and durable waterproof fabrics, they withstand weather from all seasons across the year. This also means that they are easy to maintain and clean so that they remain presentable at the right times. Whether you’re investing in one for city buildings, countryside areas or seaside locations, these strong products are also protected by a guarantee to give you the ultimate peace of mind.


A Variety of Style Options

Retractable roofs really are versatile for any setting. Not only can you hand-pick the style, design and materials from an impressive range, but you’ll also receive a bespoke service from a dedicated tailor who can share the specifications and benefits of each selection. Plus there is an opportunity to enhance the design with accessories such as LED lighting and heating to improve the overall experience of the users even more.


Simple Operation

Gone are the days of clunky systems that are challenging to operate, the technology of retractable roofs nowadays is certainly impressive. They provide the ability to open or close the roof with ease thanks to automated systems and remote controls so that you’ll change the dynamic of the space and protection of your guests in no time.


Extends Your Space

For homeowners that want to open up their living areas, patios and garden spaces, these offer a fantastic way to make this possible and make it your own. For those relaxed evenings with friends or family, outdoor parties, or an escape into a quiet tranquil space, retractable roofs make this possible. As for hospitality, investing in this product not only extends how many customers you can accommodate within a protected outdoor space, but you can also customise the roof with your own branding to give you a unique edge over your competitors.


Protects Your Fittings and Furniture

Retractable roofs are mainly there to protect what’s underneath them, this includes furniture. When you don’t want your outdoor tables, chairs or linen to get sun damaged or soaking wet through during a downpour, they reduce the chance of furniture being damaged tenfold, making their shelf-life even longer.


Increase the Value of your Business

One of the greatest benefits of a tractable roof is that it will add value to your home or business. The initial outlay may be pricy, but think of the long-term positives from this investment not only when you’re in possession of the building and seeing the use of the retractable roof come into fruition, but when you eventually put the property on the market, you’ll certainly see a spike in interest. Buyers understand how much they can get out of a protected outdoor space when it comes to entertaining and relaxing. Therefore this can add value to the overall price.


Get in Touch for More Information

Shades of Comfort are a first choice for many domestic and commercial customers who are looking to enhance their outdoor space. When looking at why is a retractable roof a good investment, it’s easy to see the many benefits and how they can add so much value all year round. Our professional, skilled and highly knowledgeable team are on hand to advise and guide you on what design is best for your requirements and how we can seamlessly integrate the quality product into your space in no time with little disruption. With an impressive range on offer, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


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