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Monetising your outdoor space

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Has there ever been a more important time for hospitality businesses to monetise their outside space

For all businesses creating organic growth is hugely important to the continued success of any business.

This is especially important for hospitality, leisure & alfresco businesses where growth is very reliant on footfall & weather.

Outdoor spaces are often some of the most underutilised areas to facilitate this business growth and therefore monetising outdoor environments all year around can have a huge impact on overall growth.

Creating an impactful outdoor area can often be the difference between capturing a customer or them walking past your business.

At Shades of Comfort, we specialise in designing, building & installing outdoor solutions that increase footfall, enhance the customer experience and the ability to use in all weathers 12 months of the year. We have over 15 years’ of expertise in helping our clients achieve this in the most efficient way.

Shade & Shelter

One of the fundamental issues with outdoor spaces is the fact that they become unenticing or even unusable during adverse weather conditions especially in the UK where all four seasons can be experienced in the same day!!!!!

Empty outdoor spaces result in lost revenue opportunities and therefore important to ensure this space can be used all year round.

The installation of awnings, retractable roof systems, giant umbrellas or shelters can be a sound investment and drive ROI.

These products allow customers to enjoy the feeling of the outside but be inside during inclement weather.

Retractable roof systems in particular offer greater flexibility, either fixed or sliding glass panels to the perimeter, left open or have horizontal blinds & available in various sizes and configurations.

It is also critical to consider temperature & lighting so the space can be monetised during the evening and colder months with the installation of infra-red heathers & lighting which can be provided through various specifications.


It is critical to choose the right furniture for your external areas. You want to create ‘kerb appeal ‘to attract customers but at the same time ensure ‘fit for purpose’.

Decide if the seating is intended for dining or relaxing or perhaps a mixture of both, cushions or no cushions, what type of material, metal, timber or plastic & assess the durability required of the furniture , will it be left out in all weathers , will it be covered or stored away these are all considerations that need to be taken when choosing external furniture.

It is also important to assess the future maintenance of the furniture, e.g., timber furniture will require annual cleaning & sealing.

Creating the right external environment can dramatically increase income & designing for all weathers can drive ROI even harder.

Here at Shades of Comfort we specialise in helping you monetise your external areas so get in touch

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