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How to Cover and Prepare Your Parasol for the Winter

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A way to take your home entertaining to another level with elegance and convenience, parasols are the perfect solution to keep you cool and guarded from the sun. But what happens when you no longer need to use it in the autumn and winter months? There are a number of ways to keep them protected and long-lasting so that you can use them for many summers to come when out in the garden.


Make the Best Use of Parasol Covers Throughout the Year

As soon as you invest in a parasol, purchasing an effective cover at the same time will save you issues in the future. They’re great for when you want to close it away at the end of the day and protect the fabric in case of rain, or if you want it to be neat and tidy when not in use.


How do you Measure a Parasol Cover?

Not a one-size-fits-all product, parasol covers need to be tailored to the size of your parasol. A step that is easy to measure as all you need to do is take a measurement from the top of the finial down to the end of the spars when folded down. Feel free to add on a few extra inches of excess if you want to secure the parasol from rain and dirt. If your measuring tape is flexible then take a reading from the diameter of the parasol – this is typically the widest point at the bottom where the spars are kept in the pockets of the canopy.


Clean Your Parasol

You’ll need a few household tools to clean your parasol such as a soft brush, hosepipe, sponge, warm soapy water and a detergent or washing powder. As parasols tend to be erected all throughout the summer months they are prone to getting dirty, susceptible to bird droppings and can attract mildew. But rest assured that they are easy to maintain. The first step is to brush off any leaves, moss, stones or twigs that have fallen onto the umbrella, at any point you notice them throughout the year. This reduces the risk of any fabric damage and tears. Mixing your cleaning solution with warm water, start with the diameter of the parasol with a sponge to cover all areas. Then hose down both the front and the back of the parasol to remove the soapy water and any other debris. If you notice more stubborn stains give them a good scrub with an effective detergent.

Rain, close up of umbrella in the rain falling

Cleaning the Base and Frame

Most parasols have a simple crank and tilt mechanism that makes them easy to operate. To help prolong its shelf life, rub down the frame with a clean and damp cloth to remove any present marks. Some bases are filled with sand and water to help weigh down the parasol, therefore it’s essential to remove its contents before the cold weather sets in as this can cause the water to freeze and crack the base.


Where to Store

When preparing how to look after parasols for winter, having somewhere safe and dry to store them will make a great difference. Whether your cover is made from vinyl or waterproof fabric, you need to make sure that the parasol is completely dry before closing it down for the winter to help protect it from rainwater damage, dirt, rust and cold temperatures.




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