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Terrace Screens are an excellent way to mark out your trading area to stand out from surrounding businesses. They work well for pubs, restaurants, hotels, indeed any hospitality business that needs to create an outside space. Not only do they extend seating cover, but they also enhance your high street frontage. It is a proven fact that the presence of customers sat eating outside can also have the effect of attracting passing trade to come and eat inside as well.

Available in wood, fabric and toughened glass, these screens assist in defining perimeters, separating smoking and non-smoking areas, whilst adding to the aura and style to the exterior of any outdoor trading area. They come in straight topped and dome topped glass and either fully or partially glazed.

Shades of Comfort Terrace Screens also protect outside eating areas from the wind and creating a sense of privacy. They can be combined with other al fresco items such as giant umbrellas retractable roof systems, twin fix awnings and extras such as lighting and patio heaters to provide even more weather protection and create a comfortable environment even in the colder months.

In addition to standard screening solutions, we also design bespoke screens that provide unique and visually appealing solutions for each individual objective. With a range of styles, sizes and colours, we are sure to provide you with a product that suits your needs.

Advantages of Terrace Screens

Revenue enhancing

The number one priority for any hospitality business is to increase revenues. Terrace screens can help you do that, by significantly increasing the area and the number of covers you can serve. This is particularly the case when you combine it with another of our solutions such as a giant umbrella, awning or retractable roof.

Visual Appeal

Terrace screens provide an attractive alfresco area for customers to sit and enjoy their meal or refreshments. They turn an area with just chairs and tables into an extension of your inside space and an alfresco drinking or dining area.

Advertising and Branding opportunities

Terrace Screens provide a great platform to promote your pub, restaurant or hotel’s brand. Some opt for simply the businesses name and logo, whilst others opt for more complex visual designs. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to terrace screens.


Councils are increasing the number of cafes and hospitality trades that are being asked to put up Screens as a safety measure. A physical boundary can prevent customers from tripping over your furniture, and the screen acts as a tapping guide for the visually impaired. All our glass terrace screens come with fully compliant safety glass.

Enclosing the Furniture

Enclosing your furniture with screen banners can help to ward off thieves. Your customers will also find it more difficult to move your furniture to where it is not permitted, thus reducing the chance of violating your set boundary which could result in a warning or a fine.

Flexible or more permanent – the choice is yours

When you though want to change the size or shape of your area they can be moved unlike other fixed solutions, giving you the flexibility that you need. Equally for those situations where a more permanent solution is required our Terrace Screens can be provided with semi or permanent fittings.

Customer Reassurance

Terrace Screens are an excellent way of helping to ensure appropriate social distance, they also act as a physical barrier to cross contamination. Customers seeking reassurance are likely to choose a café or restaurant with terrace screens over one that does not have them.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning

Thanks to the simplicity of their design smoot surfaces, Terrace Screens are easy to keep clean and maintain.

Why choose Shades of Comfort for your Terrace Screens?

  • We have a vast amount of experience on advising the hospitality sector and providing the best possible terrace screen solution.
  • Our Terrace Screens modern distinctive look that is extremely durable.
  • Fully modular, we can use our system to fit any location.
  • A wide range of colours and finishes that can enable us to closely match your brand colours.
  • Optional lighting, menu boards and flower boxes.
  • We offer a wide range of complementary products such as parasols, giant umbrellas or outside furniture.
  • We offer a nationwide delivery and installation service.
  • We do bespoke so no matter what you need we can help you with it.
  • We are ISO 9001 accredited which gives the added reassurance around our quality control system standards.
Dome Topped Glass Screens

Domed topped glass screening, available in fully glazed or solid lower panel. All screening available in sizes to suit. The screens are powder coated and available in a large variation of colours.

Please contact us for accurate layout and pricing details.

Straight Topped Glass Screens

Straight topped glass screening, available in fully glazed or solid lower panel. All screening available in sizes to suit. The screens are powder coated and available in a large variation of colours. Please contact us for accurate layout and pricing details.

So why not contact us today and arrange for one of our Terrace Screen experts to visit your business and advise you on your project and provide you with a free, no obligation quotation or give us a call on 01452 307999

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