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The Covid-19 Pandemic has shown us how important our outdoor spaces are in almost every part of our lives and being outdoors has been proven to reduce transmission of the virus.

Covid-19 isn’t the only reason educational settings should be investing in their outdoor spaces though. Did you know that a project undertaken by the University of Plymouth found that 92% of Students enjoyed outdoor lessons more than the classic classroom setting and 90% even felt happier and healthier.

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Our Poseidon Tensile Umbrella pictured to the left, installed at Monkwick School, it helps keep their students shaded from the sun and rain when they’re making use of their outdoor areas.

The project also reported having a positive impact on teachers including their motivation, well being and job satisfaction. All information on the above project can be found by clicking here.

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St. Luke’s School were very pleased with their Giant Umbrellas on weighted bases which ensures their students are protected from UV rays while enjoying their outdoor time.

Ofsted recognise the importance of these outdoor spaces and expect Schools to present a rich and stimulation outdoor area when they complete their visits.

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Hawley Primary School opted for one of our Duo Fix awnings to cover a large area of their outdoor space to ensure their students are protected while enjoying their time outside.

You can make sure that your students can experience outdoor learning while still being protected from the elements by getting in contact via


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