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Here at Shades of Comfort we are awning specialists and have an extensive range of awnings, meaning that we have the best solution for every different kind of retail business or location. Awnings are a popular choice with retail businesses because of their cost effectiveness, speed of installation and the ease of use and low maintenance.

Our awnings for high street retail shops have many benefits. Protection of the stock and displays in the window and control of summertime heat inside the shop are two of the most important. By reducing the need for air conditioning this of course cuts energy costs and boosts your businesses green credentials. Awnings also provide an outside area for customers, protected from the sun and rainfall and of course an eye-catching marketing platform that allows your shop to be spotted from a distance.

We pride ourselves on the fact that each of our awnings bring you the finest craftsmanship and outstanding design values. Each awning is totally tailored to your requirements and will provide a professional and eye-catching solution for whatever the scale of your project.

Our retail range includes Box, Cassetted, Drop Arm or Dutch Awnings or canopies as they are sometimes called.

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With over 40 colours of frame and hundreds of fabric colours to choose from we can provide you with the awning that suits and compliments its environment. For commercial settings, the awnings can be overprinted with your branding and the colours chosen to match your corporate colours. We also supply a range of accessories to provide extra protection and durability, corporate branding and heat and lighting solutions.

Shades of Comfort provide a range of different awnings.

Box Awnings

Box Awnings are folding awnings that close into a protective pre-made case or box. When the awning is closed, the cassette box protects the cover and the mechanical parts against the elements. These are particularly popular with our retail customers.

Dutch Awnings

Dutch Awnings are so called, because they first became popular in Holland. All of Shades of Comfort Dutch Awnings or Dutch Canopies are made to measure and manufactured to your requirements. They are ideal for where a heavier awning is not practical or where you are looking to achieve a traditional look and feel. A Dutch Awning can be fixed or retractable. Where they are retractable, they can come either with a pull cord, crank or a remote controlled electric motor.

Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings are a very traditional canopy which are totally bespoke to suit any building. Not only do we supply & install new drop arm awnings, but we can also supply recovers for the canopies too. The Drop Arm Awning projection can be adjusted to any angle so that it provides a visually appealing look as well as shading.

Cassette Awnings

Cassette Awnings are an enclosed awning where the roller, fabric cover and arms are completely protected and stored in a closed cassette when retracted. Fully cassetted awnings are a popular choice for the protection they provide, prolonging the life and the look of all the elements. Cassette Awnings can be manual or motorised to suit any building type.

How to look after your awnings

Why choose Shades of Comfort for your awning?

  • We specialise in this kind of work and are used by many leading shops, pub and coffee shop chains as well as everything from hotels, theme parks, hospitals, stately homes, leisure chains, shopping centres and even zoos.
  • We are not tied to any one manufacturer, so you can be assured that the product we recommend is the best one for your needs. Our range includes electric and manual awnings.
  • Shades of Comfort’s ethos is to be a quality company providing quality products. Guarantees on products we install are some of the best in the marketplace, and our aftercare servicing to meet your needs ensures your awning will give you many years of trouble-free use.
  • You can create your own look with a wide range of colour options.
  • Our awning fabrics offer the highest level of UV protection as well as the latest self-cleaning technology.
  • We have a range of lighting and heating options to accompany your awning.
  • Shades of Comfort have held ISO 9001 accreditation for several years now giving you added re-assurance about our quality control systems we have in place.
  • Our highly experienced installers will minimise any mess and disruption and will demonstrate to you, how to operate the product.
  • We offer an all encompassing hassle free, supply and install service.

What are the benefits of a Shades of Comfort awning for retail businesses?

  • Awnings represent a very powerful marketing tool helping your retail business to stand out and be more easily located. As well as matching your corporate colours and carrying your branding they can also be overprinted with details like websites or telephone numbers for passing traffic or potential customers who don’t have time to stop.
  • Awnings help keep the inside of your property cooler as it prevents sun from shining directly on windows or doors. This helps reduce the need for air conditioning, cutting costs and your carbon footprint and enhancing your green credentials.
  • Awnings protect valuable stock in the window as well as prolonging the life of expensive point of sale or display materials.
  • Awnings can also help protect your external furniture and your internal furniture and carpets from bleaching.
  • UV protection and more comfortable use of your outside space in the summer.
  • Provides a sheltered outside space when it is raining. The benefits are obvious for hospitality retail businesses, but it also means that potential customers are more likely to stop and browse displays of other retail outlets.
  • Extends the amount of the year in which you can enjoy your outside space.
  • They are low maintenance, easy to keep clean and easy to use.
  • Most of our awning models are bespoke and made to measure sizes which ensures you are guaranteed the perfect fit for your retail unit or outside space.
  • If used in a windy area, our awnings can be fitted with a motion sensor which will retract the awning if the winds get too strong for the awning to be out (only available on motorised awnings, not manual)

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