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How the hospitality sector can prepare for 2022

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All businesses have felt the strain of this pandemic, but arguably one sector more so than the rest, the hospitality sector. It may come as a relief to know that 2022 could be a great year for the industry to recover from the losses it’s incurred.

Research featured on found that 76% of British people have said that they didn’t plan on booking a foreign holiday within the next 12 months. Couple this statistic with the fact that inbound tourism is currently recorded at £50bn and is predicted to rise to £257bn by 2025, and you’ve got the recipe for a great few years ahead for the hospitality industry.

It’s understandable that businesses may be reluctant to invest in projects as there isn’t as much free cash flow, but with the industry set to have a great year, improvements to maximise revenue and stand out from the competition is vital to securing boosted revenue.

Perhaps for your business these improvements come in the form of a brand-new retractable roof system. These structures provide additional guaranteed tradable space for many months of the year, ensuring as much of your property as possible is making steady revenue.

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Another improvement worth considering is branded outdoor coverings.

1.     An Awning

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These work best on high streets or anywhere else with high levels of traffic as they help to draw attention to the building. When coupled with branding to the cover they also act as a great form of consistent marketing.

2.     Giant Umbrellas / Parasols

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These are best suited to outdoor dining or event spaces. These shading solutions can be customised to reflect the brand and show customers that you’re proud to show off your branding.

3.     Fabric screen banners

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These fabric screens are great for marking out areas or directing people to where they need to go. These can be customised with almost any print or writing so if you can imagine it, we can do it.

Finally, it’s always worth investing in your outdoor furniture. Being constantly exposed to the elements it’s easy for these items to look less than satisfactory or even sustain damage. Shades of Comfort provide a large and versatile range of external furniture that is purpose built to last.

The hospitality sector is a huge source of jobs, so it’s integral that we do all we can to support the industry to recover from the unstable last few years. Here at Shades of Comfort we wish all our clients and anyone else working in this industry the very best of luck for 2022.

*All products pictured have been provided by Shades of Comfort.


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