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Cheltenham Louvre Roof System

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Date: 18/10/2023

Project Type: Retractable Roof System


In Cheltenham, Phil and Kath sought to transform their outdoor patio into a versatile and inviting space that could be enjoyed year-round. As outdoor living enthusiasts, they desired a solution that would not only enhance the aesthetics of their garden but also offer practical benefits such as weather protection and integrated lighting for evening use.


The primary challenge was to find a way to extend the usability of Phil and Kath’s patio throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. They wanted a stylish solution that would seamlessly integrate with their existing outdoor decor and provide the flexibility to adjust to varying weather scenarios, from sunny days to rainy evenings. Additionally, enhancing the ambiance of the space with integrated lighting was a key requirement to ensure the patio could be enjoyed both day and night.


Shades of Comfort Ltd. was approached to address these challenges and propose a suitable solution. After a thorough consultation and site assessment, we recommended the installation of a retractable Louvre Roof System. This system offered the perfect blend of functionality and style, with the following features:

  • Retractable Louvres: Allows for easy adjustment to control sunlight exposure and ventilation, and provides protection against rain.
  • Integral Lighting: Integrated LED lighting to enhance the ambiance and usability of the patio during the evening.
  • Custom Design: Tailored to fit the specific dimensions and aesthetic preferences of Phil and Kath’s outdoor space.


The installation of the retractable Louvre Roof System transformed Phil and Kath’s patio into a stunning and versatile outdoor living area. The system’s sleek design and functionality significantly enhanced the overall appearance of their garden, while the integral lighting created a warm and inviting atmosphere for evening gatherings. Most importantly, the retractable roof system enabled them to enjoy their outdoor space all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Phil and Kath were thrilled with the outcome, noting that the project not only met but exceeded their expectations. The enhanced patio has become their favorite spot for relaxation and entertaining guests.

Shades of Comfort

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