Louvre Roof Systems

A Louvre Roof System is a freestanding or leaning structure with roof blades that rotate to provide partial or complete blockage of sunlight entering from above. The roof blades are water tight when shut and can open to a 140° angle to allow natural ventilation and sunlight to enter from above.

Designed and manufactured by two recognised Italian trendsetters Pratic and Gibus, our Louvre Roof Systems are stunning pieces of architectural design which radiate elegance and sophistication. With over 15 years of product development on Louvre Systems, 4 years development exclusively on bioclimatic systems, and numerous patents on the individual product designs themselves, unique design and exclusivity is guaranteed.

Louvre Roof Systems are a versatile and modern approach to providing low maintenance, flexible protection to large, open areas all year round. Each unit is bespoke and tailor-made to your requirements and there are numerous options such as heating, lighting and integrated audio. Retractable front and side screens can also be supplied to create an entirely enclosed outdoor area.

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