Giant Umbrellas

Giant Umbrellas

Shades of Comfort offer a wide variety of giant umbrellas that range from 2.5m to 8.0m, and are either square, rectuangular or round. With many styles and colours to choose from, these Giant Umbrellas are a perfect solution in providing a comfortable and stylish shelter for your customers.

All Giant Umbrellas can be supplied on a portable base or fixed into the ground, together with suitable heat and lighting options. If you are unable to make groundworks in order to install a Giant Umbrella, the weighted base option can also be arranged to have timber and cushioned seating to cover the unsightly concrete slabs.

Traditional Outdoor Development Possible Spend Uplift

By improving your outdoor areas with a Giant Umbrella, you can calculate your forcast uplift in sales. From a 5m x 5m umbrella over your outdoor seating area, each person takes up one square metre and spends on average £10 each. In June, July and August this could increase your sales by £120 per week because you have protected your business against the unpredictable nature of British weather.

Take a look at our Giant Umbrella brochure - HERE


We also offer extras for Giant Umbrellas including a cleaning and maintenance service, cover bags and straps. We offer this as it is highly recommended that when you put your Giant Umbrella down for the winter it is cleaned and protected properly. Contact us on 01452 307999 for more details.