Cafe Screens

Cafe Screens

Cafe Screens are an excellent way to advertise your company, and mark out your trading area to stand out from surrounding businesses. It works well for cafes, pubs, restaurants, and even for queuing systems in any public place. Cafe Screens are also known as pavement screens, barriers and banners.

Advantages of Screening:

Councils are increasing the number of cafes and hospitality trades that are being asked to put banner screenings up as safety. A physical boundary can prevent customers from tripping over your furniture, and the lower bar acts as a tapping rail for the visually impaired. The Disability Discrimination Act introduced this new feature, along with the gradual incline of a weighted base, to ensure that wheelchair users can safely roll over the posts.

Enclosing the Furniture
Along with the safety aspect, enclosing your furniture with screen banners can help to ward off thieves. Your customers also find it more difficult to move your furniture to where you have not been permitted, thus reducing the chance of violating your set boundary which could result in a warning or a fine.

Brand Awareness
Our screen banners can be branded on one or both sides to create a highly visible advert for your business. As a low cost and low maintenance advertising solution, your screens will stand out on the high street and create a stylish, organised atmosphere for customers.